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BULK SMS Marketing is a modern marketing techniques and combination of contemporary  . Uses of mobile phone is being increasing day by day and many companies are realizing the potential in SMS marketing and using sms marketing. Bulk  SMS marketing and  mobile marketing can be used to promote any business through for any product. Through BULK SMS customer get targeted information. It is really worth while investment. Any Company  can send their  offers and being in touch with your customers and new customer anywhere and any time.

On the place of Direct Marketing tool,Bulk SMS  used to send millions of marketing messages to customers at a few minutes, Bulk sms makes announcements of new promotional offer and services, Just involve in this  interactive environment, and It grows any name or Brand very fast, your offer intract themselve to  innovate value added services to build a relationship with customer, react as a positive response device , and  even a fulfilment the  device in the form of special SMS coupons and vouchers.


No of Sms

Price Per Sms

Recharge Pack


0.15 INR

750 INR


0.14 INR

1400 INR


0.13 INR

3250 INR


0.12 INR

6000 INR


0.11 INR

8250 INR


0.1 INR

10000 INR


0.09 INR

22500 INR


0.08 INR

40000 INR


0.07 INR

52500 INR


0.06 INR

60000 INR


We provides our  specialized services for SMS marketing with high priority SMS Gateway, It  combines the new power for  this fast growing technology with the relationship of  marketing  expertise that  help you craft the new campaign and unique services to grow in Market.